Top 10 Tips for Dog-Friendly Beaches this Summer

Photo: HD Nice Wallpapers Who doesn't cherish a special day at the beach with their favorite person-- their dog.  The sand beneath their paws, the sheer unadulterated joy of pup-meets-water.  You love it.  Doggo loves [...]

6 Ways to Keep Your Canine Companions Cool During Summer

Photo: The fiercest days of summer are often referred to as “dog days”, an expression that dates back to the Anglo-Saxon era. Despite what the term might suggest, dogs aren’t equipped with the same [...]

What to do When You’ve Got a Barker

Photo: We've all been there.  Be it age, environment, or just sheer bad-luck, there's times when puppy can't just help but let it all howl out.  And can you blame him?  That's what they [...]

Training & Command Essentials

Photo: NBC New York If you want to be the best dog owner you can be (of course you do!) it’s never too early to start learning about how to train your dog. Investing time into training, [...]

Five Cold-Weather-Ready Breeds to Love This Winter

Photo: SJ Heaven All dogs love snuggling up in the house with their favorite humans (you), but have you ever been curious as to which dogs are best build for-- and love spending time in-- [...]

Wintertime Tips for Keeping Your Pets Healthy, Happy, and Active

Photo: HailStyle Let's face it-- most of us would prefer to spend a cold winter afternoon bundled up napping by the fire, and some days our pets may seem to prefer the same.  Regardless, we [...]

Top 10 Tips for Dog Adoption

Adopting and raising a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences around, but it is definitely not without its own unique challenges.  At times, the first days of adoption may seem confusing or overwhelming, [...]

Our Mission

[vc_row full_width="stretch_row"][vc_column][jellythemes_content] What is the mission behind all this? Waggle Productions was formed with two simple goals in mind: To create a more efficient way for dogs to be adopted To create a way for [...]