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Who doesn’t cherish a special day at the beach with their favorite person– their dog.  The sand beneath their paws, the sheer unadulterated joy of pup-meets-water.  You love it.  Doggo loves it.  But how can we make sure everyone at the beach– including your precious pet– has the best time possible?  We’ve scoured the sands with a fine-toothed beach rake, and present our top tips for keeping cool, staying sane, and having fun this summer at the beach.  What’s your go-to dog beach?  Comment and let us know!



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1. Follow the Leash Laws

This one seems like a no-brainer until you see someone’s untrained, aggressive dog coming your way.  Even an overly friendly dog bounding over to say hi can set off a chain reaction of nerves down the beach as you, your dog, and everyone within eyeshot prepares for the worst.  Keep on leash if the law requires it, and if being off leash is allowed, be sure to brush up on your verbal commands to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun!

2. Pay Attention

It’s amazing how far a little attention sent in the direction of your loved one can go.  To keep things simple, we recommend keeping your dog in sight at all times and ensuring that they are adequately situated (on leash or within vocal range and obeying commands, exhibiting a cool disposition and looking to you for signals).  This means that maybe a a day at the beach with your dog will be all about him or her, and less about selfies, cool beverages, and texting.  At the end of the day, when puppy is snuggled up in a towel next to you, we guarantee the reward is well worth the effort.



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3. Keep Things Tidy

Most dog beaches provided doggie bags, but we recommend practicing self-reliance and independence at all times and bringing your own!  Better yet, why not bring a spare bag or two for a beachy neighbor in need?  Sand is generally a-ok for dogs to relieve themselves at a dog beach, but do try to make sure the issue doesn’t even come up and take your dog for their usual walk at home to relieve themselves before getting to the beach.  Some beaches have designated areas or grass where it’s preferred to let them do their business, but we say keep it clean, keep it scooped, and keep it out of the ocean for maximum summertime tidiness.


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4. Verbal Command Training is a Must

The energy of the environment surrounding a dog is a large factor that affects their behavior.  While the beach is a fun place for recreation together, it can also be a hectic environment full of distractions and potential hazards for your pup. Through mastering basic commands and a calm assertive tone, you’ll be able to navigate around potential snafus with other beachgoers and dogs. Verbal command training starts at home, and consistency is key. Check out our other posts for help getting started!

5. Be Cool

So your dog has a taste of freedom, and then takes off down the beach wreaking havoc. He kicks sand onto the towels of nearby sunbathers, steals food from a family picnic, and shakes water all over the couple in the middle of their sunset engagement photos. What now? Be cool. Have a sense of humor, and carry on. The calm demeanor required for verbal commands must carry you through these times of duress. Trust us, every dog owner has been there! Acknowledge your dogs misbehavior, apologize to the affected parties, and move on. Don’t be that guy running down the beach yelling at high volumes. ruining the vibe for everyone else.


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6. Socialize

As a follow up to our last item, this is a great chance for your dog to learn how to interact with a variety of dogs and people and become more comfortable with stimulating environments. Other people, especially those with small children, may approach your dog tentatively so it’s helpful to let them know things like “she’s friendly” or “he doesn’t like it when you move towards him too quickly”. This communication with the other people around you will help ensure a smooth experience for everyone. It’s a great opportunity for your dog to learn how play nice with others.


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7. Be Wary of Temperature Extremes

Thanks to Times Standard News for the following tips!

“Depending on where you are in the country, summer at the beach can bring about two extremes: heat from the sun and a cold, cold ocean. Pay attention to how your dog is acting and responding while he’s with you throughout the day, since there could be the potential of either heat stroke or hypothermia (if he’s been swimming his little heart out).”

Some signs of heat stroke in a dog include:

  • Rapid panting
  • Bright red tongue
  •  Thick, sticky saliva
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

If you think that your dog has heat stroke while you’re at the beach, take the following actions immediately:

  • Move the pet into the shade and apply cool (not cold) water all over their body to gradually lower their temperature.
  • Apply ice packs or cool towels to the pet’s head, neck and chest only.
  • Allow the pet to drink small amounts of cool water or lick ice cubes.
  • Then take him to the nearest vet.

Be sure to bring lots of fresh, cool water. Keeping your pooch hydrated will help regulate temperature. Also, fresh water will help clean up their paws at the end of a beach adventure – helping mitigate irritation that can occur on their sensitive food pads.

For more about beach preparedness & preventing hypothermia, check out the entire article!

8. Be Prepared!

Who likes thinking of the worst case scenario? You’re just going to the beach! You’ll be glad you brought your dog’s identification, a list of up-to-date vaccinations, and your vet’s number. Trust us. Just in case!


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9. Check for Critters

Before you jet home, be sure you’ve combed through your pooches fur and carefully checked their nose, paws, and toes for any sand or unwanted stow aways. Now is a great time to do a freshwater rinse with that excess water you brought to keep your dog hydrated. Rinsing the seawater and sand off of fido will help protect his sensitive parts, and your car will smell more like a car and less like a wet dog.  You’re welcome.

have fun

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10. Have Fun!

Life’s a beach! By properly preparing for your outing in advance, you can focus on the real task at hand — HAVING FUN! Throw a frisbee, find some sticks for fetch, get involved!